At Golden Touch Carpet & Window Cleaning, we’re excited to be reaching the residents of North Phoenix with our services. We think North Phoenix represents the quintessential beauty of an Arizona landscape, and we want to make sure you see beauty in your home, too.

Part of the awe and wonder that makes Phoenix gorgeous is, interestingly enough, dirt. It’s what builds the Phoenix Mountains and makes for a serene desert. That dirt, though, can get itself lost deep in the fibers of your carpet, along with all of the other remnants of life. At Golden Touch, we offer carpet cleaning services that lift the soil out with a pure water system that’s chemical free. It leaves your home feeling a lot more like home, and a lot less like the outdoors.

There’s nothing quite like the dark outline of saguaros in a pink and purple sunset. If your dirty windows are getting in the way of enjoying that view, we offer streak-free window cleaning, and we work hard to make sure it’s at your earliest convenience.

Afraid you’re going to have to miss a fun weekend of hiking and mountain biking out on the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve in order to scrub dingy tile and grout? We offer cleaning services that use high pressure and high heat to restore your tile and grout to 80-90% its original lustre. We’ll save you a tremendous amount of time (you won’t have to miss out on any adventures), and we’ll reseal everything for a longer lasting clean.

A lot of homes have stone and marble surfaces to invite a bit of nature into a more luxurious setting. A quick glance at the Musical Instrument Museum will show you just how well nature and luxury can work together. Over time, though, stone and marble can scratch, dull, and stain. At Golden Touch we’re educated on the best polishing practices for each stone type, and we’ll make sure it’s done right!

You don’t have to look any further than your own backyard to find a company that will make you feel even more comfortable in your own home. Enjoy the city you live in, the home you’ve fostered, and leave Golden Touch the dirty work!

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