Peoria, AZ is one of Golden Touch’s favorite places to offer our services. With so much unblemished desert landscape and lake surface outside of your home, it’s a welcome challenge to make the inside of your home look just as unblemished.

It’s a fact of life that carpet experiences wear and tear over time, especially when you’re living life to the fullest. But don’t let carpet stop you. In fact, at Golden Touch, we’ll use our safe cleaning solution to break up soil and stains, spot clean, rinse with our pure water system, and fast-dry your carpet all before you’re back from a day of kayaking, scuba diving, fishing, camping, and golf. Life never even has to slow down.

Peoria offers some of the best stargazing in the area, so it’s a must to see the sky through clean windows at night. We offer streak-free window cleaning that will help lull you sleep.

Stone and marble are beautiful additions to any home, but they look especially nice in the Sonoran Desert setting of Arizona. The stone outside should say “natural”, but the stone inside should say “luxury”. Whether you’ve tracked water in from a day at Lake Pleasant, desert dust has settled and dulled your surfaces, or life has made its mark, Golden Touch will take special care to restore the shine and durability of your stone and marble.

Admittedly, the most difficult part of cleaning your house may be the tile and grout. Don’t spend hours upon hours scrubbing the 20 miles of dirt it seems you’ve brought back with you from Peoria trails. With our high pressured cleaning system, we’ll do the dirty work. And when we’re done, we’ll seal your tile and grout all over again to create bigger gaps in between cleaning needs.

It’s clear that Peoria residents know the true meaning of beauty and relaxation. You can find it outside, but if you’re struggling to find it in your own home, we’ve got the easy fix.

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