travertine cleaning and polishing

Need Stone and Marble Polishing?

Proper care of your stone floors prevents damage and keeps them looking beautiful for years to come. We provide many stone floor cleaning services, including stone cleaning, stone polishing, and stone resurfacing. Whether you have marble, sandstone, slate, or travertine floors, our professional team can restore the beauty and strength of your stone flooring.

Cleaning Interior Marble Stone

Regular cleaning and polishing of marble floors can prevent damage and keep the marble looking beautiful—just like new. Marble floors require special cleaning to ensure that the surface of the stone remains smooth and stain-free. We apply protective stone sealers to prevent stains from penetrating the surface of the marble. In addition, we resurface marble floors to give them a hard, smooth surface that resists stains.

Trust the Professionals!

Improper stone cleaning can ruin the surface of your stone floors! We understand the properties of stone and what types of cleaning solutions and processes will best draw out their beauty. We provide stone polishing through the use of powder polishes, diamond abrasives, and machine scrubbing to buff your stone floor until it regains its original brilliance. Don’t trust your natural stone floor to just anybody: depend on us for your stone flooring and help you protect it for years to come!

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Granite Stone


Granite is a stunning addition to any home or living space, setting off their surroundings with pizzazz and class. Problems can develop, on the other hand, once they become dirty or dull and obviously want a good cleaning. Even though there are many of items and solutions you can use to clean and polish their granite counter surfaces, nothing can do the trick quite like a pro is capable of doing. 

Stone Sealing

stone sealing

Many natural stone absorb liquids very easily which means they're very vulnerable to staining. We recommend having a solvent based impregnating sealer applied. As the product sounds, the stone naturally absorbs the sealer and it repels liquids and makes it difficult for soiling to stain and damage the stone as well. There are different sealers for different types of stones and we will educate you on all of your options. The majority of stone and tile installers do not seal the tile after installation. This is also a service that we can provide as well to keep your stone and tile looking great for years to come.

Stone Showers

stone shower restoration

By it's sheer nature, natural stone has always been associated with luxury. Its indulgent feel and warm colors help to create a spa-like experience in your own shower. A shower that features beautiful marble, limestone, travertine, and even granite is said to be the definition of pure unadulterated opulence. However the moist shower environment can bring a host of issues combined with personal care and household products can turn any luxurious shower to an unimpressive one. Soap scum, water deposits, and oxidization of stone are also common causes to the deteriorated look of the stone. We can help with all of these problems and restore your shower back to luxury. 

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